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Qigong Chi Kung

Judging by your common sense and what you have so far learnt about qigong, what do you think qigong chi kung means? If I were you, I’d probably say that it is a specialized form of qigong but I’d be wrong. Qigong chi kung are complementary terms that refer to the same thing. Therefore, qigong is also known as chi kung in certain texts and scriptures to refer to the traditional lifestyle yoga-like meditational practice of the Chinese. The chi part of the word probably comes from […]

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Qigong Exercises

Qigong an art or science that evolved in China, has developed popularity in the west, as a form of eastern medicine. Closely associated with Tai chi, it is very simply, the manipulation of positive energy. This energy is considered to exist in all things including the air, water, food, and sunlight. Qigong is an accepted treatment option in the fields of complementary and alternative medicine. However in practice it serves both a preventive and curative function. It has proven to be effective in improving the effects of […]

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Qigong Chi

If you are new to martial art, you may not have understood what it is all about qigong chi. Let’s have a look at the name itself and try to understand what qigong chi means. Qi means energy. Chi also means energy. So, in essence, we talk about a lot of energy here. Gong means work. So Qigong Chi means energy work. If you have a little exposure to human energy and Reiki, you will have no hard time understanding this concept. The eastern martial art is […]

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